Flying Dream

Flying Dream

I keep a dream journal because i can have some of the most epic, colorful, active dreams that i recall for days after i awake.  Today’s was magical as i flew like never before.  Talk about feeling FREE!  so, because i am not quite sure what this “Journal” wants to be, yet, and because i have considered keeping my Dream Journal here on this website to make it public so that i can start to “publish” my writing even if i write only from memory of dreams; i decided to post this one, today.

So, good morning everyone.  Welcome to my dream world!

09:15:58, Tuesday 13 May 2014

Flying! I was flying…and more than I have ever flown in my dreams.  The place was a mixture of Atlanta and the west coast of my dreams, and the sun was shining, blinding.  There were no emergencies, I was not being chased, and I was in no hurry.  With ease and grace  I took off several times from the ground with a small leap and then I flapped my arms like the birds do.  At one point I was flying up toward two large dead trees whose top branches had been cut long ago, the nearer to my right and the other just ahead of it.  I used the leaning of the nearer one as a sort of guide as I rose higher and higher, quickly passing its tip top. Then a slow turn to the left brought me close to a large, huge actually, black bird with wings so long and thin they looked like tentacles.  Its beak was bright yellow orange, and he seemed to be waiting for me.  As I approached and began to pass him, he turned to fall in line with me off my right shoulder and began to fly next to me.  Shortly thereafter, we were joined by another off my left shoulder.  When I looked over to my right, he was suddenly more human than bird, a black man who reminded me of Troy from the Starlight Vegas cast.  He wore a huge smile as he tried to match my flying, flapping his wings in time with mine, letting his hands curl and expand as mine did.

I eventually left them behind, flying on, soaring, until I was heading into a downtown area with lots of street traffic.  I swooped down close to the cars noticing one in particular at a stop light.  It was a shiny small convertible with a young man at the wheel.  I got rather close, and as I passed I felt a little tug on my right foot, the big toe.  I looked to see what I had snagged, and with a huge beautiful smile the young mulatto at the wheel had grabbed my toe to let me know …he was there.  A small flirtatious prank “hello” from a beautiful man with an expansive smile of white enamel, pale mint-green chocolate chip eyes, butter skin, and light brown hair that looked like blond, golden locks in the sunlight..  I smiled back deliciously and flew on.

I continued on to “the school” (I have no idea what school, but I watched the movie Fame High before bed…), and I flew inside, staying just under the roof, having to swoop down through doorways, saying high to the people I knew.  No one paid much attention to the fact that I was flying.  I saw Cate and Luke being taken into two different adjacent offices.  The news didn’t sound like great news, but nothing too dramatic.  I couldn’t hear enough as I passed to understand, but I felt sad for them, a little.  Then I woke up.

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