Early to Rise

Early to Rise

The sun peeked over yonder crest

Like eyes after a long nights rest.

Its light gazed on two hilltops high

Like waking gaze of lover’s eye.

It roamed across the mountain peaks

Like tender lips on lover’s cheeks.

It slowly reached the well below

Like wond’ring fingers, tip to toe.

When luminescent graceful roll,

Exposing Master’s glory hole,

The sun soon high, the way soon clear,

the hidden vacuum’s caves appear.

So high, the sunlights now descend

As husbandry roams ‘round the bend,

And down the hillside, through the crack

Of shoulder’s cliff and down the back,

To where the dew soaked grasses grow,

And sap and creeks and waters flow

Into the soft white flower bed

And sneaks into the cave ahead.

The shadow of light’s human hand

Does sink into the moistened sand

Deep in the cave’s cold emptiness

To warm the o’erwise empty nest

Of life and love’s inhabitants,

Who soon will meet in couple’s dance

To chase the dreams of sleep away,

And wake the whole of lover’s day.

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