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The wind from passing cars whistled like sirens that chased the silence of nothing happening away. Bags rolled away like desert tumbleweed, flipping and flopping into the streets from the elevated sidewalk. Distant stampedes trampled across the asphalt grand canyon’s floor, …and across from me stood a man. He stood there at the corner waiting […] Read more »

Ass is NOT the New Black (Be a Light, not a Black Hole)
You are afraid! You fear you are not powerful, important. Sometimes you just need to feel strong and to prove to yourself that you can change what is happening around you, to you. So, you lie. You don’t tell a huge lie that would cause a panic worldwide. You don’t even tell a lie that […] Read more »

Early to Rise
The sun peeked over yonder crest Like eyes after a long nights rest. Its light gazed on two hilltops high Like waking gaze of lover’s eye. It roamed across the mountain peaks Like tender lips on lover’s cheeks. It slowly reached the well below Like wond’ring fingers, tip to toe. When luminescent graceful roll, Exposing […] Read more »

  As I continue to figure out what it is I want to do when I grow up, so too will this page change,…and change…   and change.  Change is a GOOD thing, though.  Isn’t it?  I mean if you think about it, change is happening all around us all the time. The universe is […] Read more »

Hello world!
Welcome to my little corner of the web! This is only the beginning.  So, forgive the newness, the emptiness, the fumbling.  i’m just learning to walk here again on the WWW. there is a lot more to come!       See you soon! Read more »

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