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I am drenched Stunned and spun Stiff and swaying in air’s open tongue Face to face and eyes wide Melting Dripping into a slow quench. They all wave Standing tall Beckoning Fingers. Flirting! Now bending Secretly calling, “Come!” “Play!” Dreaming to lay that against my brow My nose dozing in the thick glistening of all that […] Read more »

THE TRUTH (A MOTHER’S LOSS)   A woman Folded by the hands of time That took from her her youthful crimes Of thinking that she could outrun the arms Of  dreamers who are dead and gone? She died.   Her daughter Leaping, laughing in another tongue Whose wag and swagger kept her young, She loved […] Read more »

The Family Portrait
the gesture, the stroke, the application of love on the family portrait that is a household is far more important than are the familiar familial figures a child can etch with a few free strokes of a crayon. the colors, the shapes of love are as varied as the child’s stretch of imagination can draw […] Read more »

A New Flame
The match was struck. The flash exposed a universe, And the flame gave us warmth and took our breath… It made us dance on the walls! It danced! It leaped and landed, all in an instant, Then it sat for a while in peace and restraint, Until neglect left it nowhere to burn, And it […] Read more »

A Calm Escape
I dream Life breathes like water, Telling ships to swim Without the rain to wet the day. Whispering storms of easy Take me away! Read more »

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