Ass is NOT the New Black (Be a Light, not a Black Hole)

Ass is NOT the New Black (Be a Light, not a Black Hole)

You are afraid! You fear you are not powerful, important. Sometimes you just need to feel strong and to prove to yourself that you can change what is happening around you, to you. So, you lie. You don’t tell a huge lie that would cause a panic worldwide. You don’t even tell a lie that would be broadcast across international platforms; only a little lie large enough for you to see the people around you react.

The problem is by the time you settle into the orbit of this lie you’ve created, you have already forgotten the impetus of that lie was your fear. It had nothing to do with the people you have involved in your lie.

You forgot that you had the power to stand up rather than merely to sit there, to take a walk rather than to too easily point a finger, to help someone rather than to hurt someone, to turn on a light instead of spreading your darkness.

You see we are powerful and under the influence of attractions, as are planets and stars, pulling and pushing, shining our own light (if we choose to do so), reflecting the light from others, and yes, casting shadows, all without trying but only by being! Lies, however? They are the black holes, consuming everything including self, invisible as they consume the light around them and their own light.

Isn’t that the opposite of what we want as humans? Don’t we fight against feeling invisible, unwanted, unheard, ignored, …useless? Do you really want to seem so powerful that no one sees you and everyone wants to stay far, far away?

   LIE 1 |lʌɪ|

   verb (lies, lying |ˈlʌɪɪŋ| ; past lay |leɪ| ; past participle lain |leɪn| ) [ no obj., with adverbial ]

   1 (of a person or animal) be in or assume a horizontal or resting position on a supporting surface:

   (of a thing) rest flat on a surface:

   (of a dead person) be buried in a particular place.

   2 be, remain, or be kept in a specified state:

   (of something abstract) reside or be found:

   3 (of a place) be situated in a specified position or direction:

   (of a scene) extend from the observer’s viewpoint in a specified direction:


   an intentionally false statement:

   used with reference to a situation involving deception or founded on a mistaken impression:

   verb (lies, lying, lied |ˈlʌɪɪŋ| ) [ no obj. ]

   tell a lie or lies:

   (of a thing) present a false impression:

   LIAR |ˈlʌɪə|


a person who lies

See, if you are a liar, you aren’t powerful. You just lie there supported by others, in your own darkness, choosing to be false. Do you know anyone in history who ever found real power in lies? Lies just wait and seek to be discovered, multiplying the fear of those who tell them! If you really want to snuff out your fear, then use your power wisely; change the things you can change…like your perspective, for starters. Turning on a light is probably the most magnificent way there is to change your perspective, because it illuminates what is in front of you and around you; those things you feared… in the dark! Then after that, maybe try to help a stranger instead of hurting a friend. Anyone can stomp out an ant by simply putting a foot down. That doesn’t take much strength. The real strength comes in lifting.

So, to anyone else who finds it necessary to lie to me or about me, or to accuse me falsely, here is my back. As I lift others you are welcome to stick your knife in it. I may fall, but I will get up knowing that it doesn’t take much to knock you down; you are already a liar. Need help getting up? I can give you hand, but first you have to put down the knife.

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